“Iskatel”: scientists put out to sea on the old Soviet vessel to look for gas

On November 17 the only Ukrainian research vessel “Iskatel” capable to find oil and gas fields put out to sea.

It should be noted that the vessel constructed in far 1977 in 2013 was pulled out on shore, however now it was decided to be returned to a system, having sent to a dock and having invested about three million UAH in repair. It is a quite small sum in ship repair scales.

It is outdated, but still working American equipment of 2003 of release allowing to carry out geological investigation by a method of reflected waves. Quietly working main engine of the vessel allows minimizing hindrances on seismographic records.

Besides, there have been developed the equipment for direct sampling of soil from the shelf for the further biochemical analysis.

Except crew of the vessel, there have boarded more than ten scientists, they will spend at sea a third of month in search of gas fields in a northwest part of the shelf of the Black Sea.