Latest purchase of Seaspan fleet approximates it to a million TEU

The fleet of a container operator Seaspan Corporation, which is situated in Hong-Kong, comes nearer to a million TEU after the company has bought six ships.

November 2019 was marked by a contract which Seaspan concluded for the purchase of six containerships worth almost $400 billion.

There are three vessels (among these six ships) with capacity of almost 11,000 TEU and three with capacity of over 9,000 TEU which amounts to almost 60,000 TEU in the global fleet of the company.

Due to the purchase of six containerships of high quality nearing a million TEU, Seaspan has continued implementation of its growth strategy by means of well considered capital allocation.

Seaspan Corporation has a right position in order to obtain plenty of opportunities in the container shipping.

Seaspan Corporation has recently made a decision to create a new company Atlas Corp., thus becoming itself a subsidiary company. In such a way the company tends to encourage strategic initiatives in allocation of capital and ensure transparency at operational level.

Currently the fleet of Seaspan comprises 119 containerships totaling 975, 000 TEU (with one vessel which is hasn’t been delivered yet).

All the vessels from its fleet are seven years old and an average term of remaining hire period is about four years, basing on a TEU weighing up.